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Dust, ozone, UV light rays, wind, dry heat (e.g. air conditioning), drafts, cosmetics, smoky atmospheres, TV or prolonged computer work can lead to dry-feeling eyes. Systane® Lubricating Eye Drops can help to keep eyes looking and feeling great, providing immediate comfort and lasting relief.
Systane® has a unique liquid formulation which turns into a gel on contact with your eyes and stays on the surface longer providing fast and long lasting relief.  Systane® is now available in handy single dose vials for added convenience or the original multi dose bottle which may be used for up to six months after opening. When you need relief from dry-feeling eyes on the go, remember Systane®.

For contact lens wearers, Systane ®, should be applied before inserting lenses and after removal to extend comfortable wearing times.
The daily use of artificial tear substitutes is also highly recommended for patients who have an artificial eye. We recommend Systane drops for this. They have proved to be the best artificial tear substitute currently available for patients with an artificial eye. They should be used 3-4 times a day.
For patients who have an allergy to preservatives, preservative free Systane is also available.

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