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Hyabak is an excellent artificial tear preparation. It is recommended for the following situations:

  1.  To moisten and lubricate the eyes in case of dryness sensations or ocular fatigue induced by external factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, dust, dry heat, air conditioning, air travel, and prolonged work in front of a computer screen (which is associated with a reduction in the frequency of the nomrla reflex blink). See Dry Eye www.faceandeye.co.uk/face/dry_eye_syndrome.html
  2.  For contact lens wearers, it enables the lubrication and hydration of the lens in order to make insertion and removal easier and provides immediate comfort of wear during the day.
  3. For patient with dry eye problems associated with blepharitis.

As natural as tears. The best of both worlds: Sodium Hyaluronate and preservative-free.

All the Sodium Hyaluronate properties in the ABAK® bottle without the inconvenience of single dose units such as the associated waste. Drop for drop it’s economical and gives you up to 2 months treatment in a bottle a little larger than a single dose unit.

Product Properties:
  • Provides optimal water retention and releases it progressively (like a sponge)
  • Viscosity increases with eyelid opening and decreases with eyelid closing (Viscoelasticity and pseudoplasticity)
  • Increases time of contact with the ocular surface (Mucoadhesivity)
  • Naturally present in tissues so highly tolerated
Composition of HYABAK®
Sodium hyaluronate 0.15g
Sodium chloride, trometamol, hydrochloric acid,
Water for injections ad 100ml
Special Warnings and Special Precautions for Use:
  • Avoid contact between the eye and the tip of the bottle.
  • Do not inject or swallow



A minimum interval of 10 minutes should be left between applications of two different eye products.


How to use this product:

Dosage: Instill one drop in each eye during the day as often as necessary. For contact lens wearers one drop on each lens when putting on and removing them, and also as often as necessary during the day.


A number of precautions are essential to ensure an effective use of the product:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before using.
  2. Avoid contact between the tip of the bottle and the eye or eyelids. 
  3. Instil one drop of HYABAK® into the conjunctival cul-de-sac, while gently pulling the lower lid down and looking up. 
  4. Close the bottle after every use.


Frequency and time when the product should be administered: 

Instil drops at regular interval throughout the day, as needed.


Undesirable and unpleasant side effects:

Very rare possibility of mild ocular irritation.


Other Artificial Tears:

Name and address of manufacturer:
Laboratoires Théa, 12 rue Louis Blériot, 63017 CLERMONT-FERRAND CEDEX 2 – France

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