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Sterile Cotton Wool

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Available as: Each bag contains 5 large cotton wool balls.

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Sterile Cotton Wool

Sterile cotton wool and cool boiled water should be used to clean your eyelid or facial wounds following surgery.

1. First, wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water.

2. Open a sterile disposable plastic gallipot and place on piece of kitchen roll on a clean flat surface.

3. Pour cool boiled water from a kettle into the plastic gallipot.

4. Open a packet of sterile cotton wool balls.

5. Take a cotton wool ball, soak this in the cool boiled water and squeeze the excess water away.

6. Clean the eyelid or facial wound by gently drawing the moistened gauze swab along the eyelid from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner, or along the entire wound.

7. Discard the cotton wool ball into a plastic bag and repeat the process, gently removing any dried blood or ointment from the wound. (If the wound is in the upper eyelid skin crease, gently lift the eyebrow with the other hand and look down while cleaning. This exposes the wound and the stitches).

8. Take a dry cotton wool ball and gently dry the wound and discard the cotton wool ball.

9. Squeeze a small amount of ointment onto a clean finger and gently smear this along the wound.

10. Tie up the plastic bag and place into the rubbish bin. The wounds should be cleaned 3 times a day as described above until you are reviewed in clinic and the stitches have been removed.

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